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"From now on, this is not the Pediatric ward, but Neverland."

"To feel love again, you only need one moment, friend.”

Today was tiring. It was always tiring to attend such social gatherings these days, where I would try my best to hang around and smile so hard that my face is numb. I wonder since when did it became so difficult? It seems to be an ease in the past, to tactfully handle those adults and to entertain them with my antic. Much has changed. The little ones who hang around with me so well before were different. The things we talk about were vastly new, it’s always about school. Advices on school and studies and national exams.

Growing up is difficult and at times heart breaking. I hate to accept the fact that the people who were suppose to be my closest was not what I always imagine. Heartbreaks and accusation. Moments of breaking and sniff of insanity. It was crazy. Like the 9th time the car died… But I still can’t help to like them, maybe not fully but I just find myself with strong feeling of Jung. For it’s beautiful. They are still in many ways beautiful people.

SJM - Guest House

"You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how you’ll escape one day-"
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Boss said I don’t look like the ‘writer’ type when I told them I was going to study literature.

wtf does a writer look like



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"Guys I think I finally found something that makes my heart pound."
"Guys I think I finally found something 
that makes my heart pound."